The Best Nightlife in the World

According to TripAdvisor, New Orleans provides the best nightlife anywhere in the world. We’ve all heard of the Mardi Gras but there are lots of other events that take place in New Orleans most of them free. The rest of the world must think the same because there are more restaurants than they were before Hurricane Katrina hit. The number of beds booked per night is high with nearly 75% of them taken all the time.

One of the best events takes place nearly every night of the year. Along Bourbon Street and the side streets, amateur musicians, some better than professionals, will entertain travelers. As the evening wears on the music gets better. Or maybe that’s related to the amount of alcohol and the adrenaline that the music gives you.

Just ended is the French Quarter Festival held every April and which attracts over half a million people during the three-day event.

In August comes the 10th annual Satchmo Summerfest held in honor, of course, of Louis Armstrong, a son of New Orleans. This combines a birthday party for Satchmo, music, of course, an art show to kick it off with and, on Sunday, a jazz Mass

A giant costume party occurs when New Orleans celebrates the Krewe of Halloween. A huge parade takes place in the city with people flying in from all parts to enjoy the fun and, dress up. Created by the same man who has organized the Mardi Gras for the last 60 years, the parade starts in the Elysian Fields and goes down to the waterside. Apart of this, on one evening, there is Boo Carre, yet another excuse for fun loving people to dress up. Incidentally, the Mardi Gras takes place in March next year but the beginning of the celebration is always from the twelfth night – January 6th.

And then there is Southern Decadence which takes place in September. This gay festival has become an international draw as much about the music as the food; as much about the lifestyle of its followers as its entertainment.

New Orleans recovered from Katrina. Now it has to get over the negative publicity of the oil spillage in the Gulf of Mexico. The message is that New Orleans is unaffected. Life is the same, the attractions are the same, the lifestyle is the same. There’s no reason not to go.

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