Its Autumn! Pack your dog/kids/grandkids in the car and go for a walk!

Autumn. Sigh…. My favorite time of the year! Clear blue skies (sometimes), crisp morning frosts and leaves varying so much in color and contrasting with the skies that artists struggle to reproduce this wonderful time of the year on canvas!
In a country which offers such a large variety of geological/topological beauty, all within easy access, I have no choice on such mornings: Poppy! Get your lead and let"s go!

Whether you go to your local park, or travel a little further, the promise of a brisk walk in our beautiful country, to fill our lungs full of fresh air and adjust our artistic eyes to the views is simply irresistible.
With a heart filled with romantic visions of autumn, Poppy and I have gorged ourselves this past week at our local haunt: Ashton’s and Neumann’s Flashes, Northwich.

The circuit we do is less than 2 miles, however, the enjoyment is immeasurable!

Yesterday we were joined by a Birding friend of ours, and in addition to the usual suspects, spotted Curlews, Teals, Shovellers and a suspected reed warbler! (all appearing the size of a large dog, thanks to her amazing scope!).

So get your fleece on, grab your dog/kids/grandkids and tell us where you went! (Photos please!)