Commonwealth Holidays a Royal Treat as Four in 10 Beat Inflation

Trips to Malta, Cyprus, South Africa and Canada beat UK inflation

Research from M&S Money has revealed that Malta is the best inflation busting holiday destination in the Commonwealth. The cost of a week’s holiday on the Mediterranean island has risen by just £1 over the past year, making it an ideal destination for Brits wanting to see more of the Commonwealth in the Jubilee year.

However, the M&S Money research, which studied 10 of the most popular Commonwealth holiday destinations to reveal which offers the best value for money, showed that Cyprus is the most affordable Commonwealth destination for a week-long trip, costing £1,200 per person, closely followed by Malta at £1,231.


Kenya was the third cheapest of the Commonwealth destinations researched, costing £1,435 per person for a week. This is despite Kenya having the highest price rise on last year (up £196), as a result of inflation at 18.3 percent, but it also had the lowest local costs of £998.

The European Commonwealth destinations have seen the lowest overall price rises, for local costs and the cost of travel, due to favourable exchange rates with the euro. A trip to Malta has seen a 0.08 percent rise in costs over the past year and a week in Cyprus is just £15 more expensive, a difference of 1.23 percent, while Barbados in comparison has seen an increase of £155 or 8.19 percent, due to a less favourable exchange rate and higher inflation.

Those traveling to South Africa will find their travel money also stretches further this year as the exchange rate between sterling and rand is 6.12 percent more favourable than last year with the overall cost of a week-long trip (including flights) having risen by just 1.33 per cent.

However, with the average week-long trip to a Commonwealth destination having risen by £103 per person (5.90 percent), from £1,747 to £1,850, over the past twelve months, it’s important to research not just the cost of the holiday flights and accommodation but also look into local costs and exchange rates to see which destinations offer the best value for money on arrival.


Significant increases in New Zealand and Singapore mean they are now the two most expensive destinations. A trip to Singapore now costs £2,663 for a week, a 6.94 percent (£185) rise on last year, while New Zealand is £2,206 for a week, an increase of 8.79 percent (£193.91). The research revealed Singapore has the highest accommodation costs, while New Zealand has the most expensive flights.

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