Mobile Phones and Ryanair

Don’t think the two are related. It’s just that today, July 1st, there is some good news and some bad news concerning these two.

Firstly the good news.

To remind you, Ryanair has placed a £5 surcharge on hold luggage starting today and running until the end of August. Under the dubious guise of encouraging us to pack less, the surcharge is supposed to dissuade us from carrying unwanted clothing and knick-knacks on holiday with us.  As I wrote on 20th June, after Ryanair announced it’s concern for our inability to understand how much luggage we should pack, our grateful thanks should go to them for their helpfulness. Let me state, clearly that I don’t think this is an attempt by them to bleed us of more money. Like governments, they are just using fees as a stick to make us be more thoughtful in how we pack. After all, do we really need to take two changes of nappy on the plane for each of the twins? And I’m sure I could make do with one pair of shoes for two weeks. As for some toys to keep the kids occupied during the flight, we can leave those because I’m sure the cabin crew will happily keep the kids amused all through it.  After all, it is only a fortnight. Do we need to take fourteen changes of clothes? Couldn’t we each take just one item of each and wash it out each night. Who cares if a holiday is to take a break from everyday routine. washing clothes every night is fun.

Now for the bad news.

Roaming costs to use your mobile phone when you are abroad have dropped. Now there is a €50 maximum charge and you will be warned by your provider as you get close to that limit.  Each call per minute has dropped from about 43p to 38p. For incoming calls, the price is about 14.5 instead of about 19p. This is a big improvement from 5 years ago. In another 5 years, it is planned that we have the same rates for a call when we are at home as we will have when we are in the EU. The bad news is now you can make more calls for the same money you spent last year telling us that it was hot/raining/muggy/insect-ridden or whatever.

And there lies the warning. These costs are only within the EU. If you travel to the Far East, North America or anywhere else you can still expect to pay the higher rates.

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