Well – put simply, CD-Traveller.com is a website for anyone who loves travel and likes to talk about it.

Around 18 months ago we started an e-newsletter called (funnily enough) CD-Traveller. It aimed to provide fun and useful features about the world of travel for those people signed up to the Consumer data travel survey database.

Dozens of features and hundreds of thousands of emails read later and we are at the point where a monthly email is just not enough for us to talk about all the interesting things happening out there. More importantly, it is not enough for YOU to talk about all the interesting things happening out there. So this new website is taking the essence of the CD-Traveller newsletter – great stories – and asking for your comments on everything!

We are starting modestly, with a blog and some initial survey questions. But over the coming weeks, you’ll be able to comment on any of the features directly and add your own experiences, questions, and rants (we particularly like rants). It’s an open house and the site is all about starting conversations.

We will continue to bring you features from selected partners (as long as they are open to your comments) and our usual mix of tips and reviews. There’ll also be plenty of offers and competitions – as well as some of those surveys we know you love completing! Ultimately we are going to build a CD-Traveller that is all about helping each other to enjoy the pleasures and avoid the pitfalls of holidays, short breaks and day trips.

So if you want to be a CD-Traveller then help us to get cracking by posting some comments on what we are aiming to do. Or you could complete the survey which is focused on what kind of functions and features you’d like to see on CD-Traveller.com.

Talk to you soon – there are loads more to come

The CD-Traveller team