Syndicated Content

Articles, news, and comment from CD-Traveller are available for syndication online. Organisations interested in using back, current or future content should contact [email protected] for a quotation which will depend on how and where the content is to be used. CD-Traveller, through its network of journalists, can also prepare specified articles or provide comment on particular issues as agreed which can be used either in print or online.

The following will appear on the site every month:

  • What’s hot (travel trends/news)
  • The Album – a CD Traveller reader takes us on a tour of his/her favorite destinations
  • Where the experts’ holiday: Q & A with industry insiders.
  • Clive Culley’s Gap Year Diary: One man’s year-long travels

The feature list for January to June is:


  • Cambodia – the comeback kid
  • Detox breaks
  • A day in…Stratford-upon-Avon
  • A day in …Berwick-upon Tweed
  • All the world on screen: 10 films that will make you want to travel
  • Hot spas
  • Holland – Amsterdam, Leiden, Utrecht
  • Chicago
  • Lithuania
  • Switzerland


  • Sri Lanka
  • North Queensland: the Barrier Reef
  • North Queensland: Cairns and the Rainforest
  • Valentine’s Day Escapes
  • Brazil
  • Cayman Islands
  • China food and travel article
  • A day in… Belfast
  • A day in… Falkirk
  • A day in… the Scottish Borders
  • To the Northern Lights: A Norway Diary
  • Tobago
  • Patagonia Expedition Race Diary


  • Oregon
  • Guangzhou (China – in the aftermath of the Asian Games)
  • Egypt
  • How to score a bargain break
  • British Tourism Week
  • Ghana
  • Ireland
  • What’s it like… to be a flight attendant
  • Vietnam
  • A day in…Chatham
  • A day in…Lincoln
  • A day in…Harrogate


  • Czech Republic
  • Gone surfing – pick of travel websites including, of course, CD-Traveller
  • The Netherlands
  • Basle
  • Paris
  • Travelling without moving: paperback adventures
  • American Civil War Anniversary
  • A day in…Bangor
  • A day in…Leeds
  • A day in…Truro
  • Spain
  • May
  • Indonesia
  • Washington DC
  • Greece
  • A day in…Cardiff
  • A day in …Guildford
  • A day in…Durham
  • Croatia
  • Golfing getaways
  • US Travel Week (7 days of stories)
  • Space Tourism


  • Philippines
  • Paris
  • New York
  • Tennis feature (where to catch the action in the UK –
  • Eastbourne/Wimbledon/Queens etc) x2
  • Japan
  • Indonesia
  • A day in…Ripon
  • A day in…Tenby
  • A day in…Derby
  • Portugal
  • Scottish Borders
  • Well Dressing